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new March 24, 2014
Results and photos are now posted on the 2014 results page

March 10, 2014
Thank you all for joining us on March 8. Results and photos will be posted soon - stay tuned!

February 26, 2014
Frequently Answered Questions about the Time-Machine/Anti-Brachistochrone and Wind Turbine pre-build events are available here.

February 11, 2014
The Rulebook for the 2014 UBC Physics Olympics is now available

December 4, 2013
Registration for 2014 UBC Physics Olympics now open!
Register now...

April 19, 2013
Competition Photos are now available here

March13, 2013
Competition results (top 10) are now available here

Welcome to UBC Physics Olympics Website

Every year teams from high schools across British Columbia will compete for medals in 6 science events, and the school of the team with the highest overall score will receive a trophy and other awards.

The 2015 UBC Physics Olympics will be held on Saturday March 7. The new rulebook will be available in February.

The team from a school for a given event is nominally 5 students, but different students can participate in different events, and fewer than 5 students is also OK. So the team from a school could be from 1 to 30 students.

While every school team must have a "coach" on the day of the competition, we do not require that the "coach" be the physics teacher for the school. Any adult is OK, including student teachers, parents, administrators, or friends.

2014 Attending Teams

participating schools