General Description

The competition is structured around 6 separate events called Heats. Two of them revolve around the pre-builds. One is Quizzics, where students will answer challenging questions about physics and astronomy. Another one is the Fermi Questions event, where students will estimate the best answers to approximation problems. The other two events are the Labs, where students will participate in hands-on activities and be tested in their knowledge of experimental physics.

General schedule (subjected to changes)

Each of the 6 events is run in 6 heats of 1 hour, with a break for lunch.

8:30Meet in Hennings. Pre-build structures should be checked in.
9:00Heat 1
10:00Heat 2
10:55Heat 3
11:50Lunch (not provided)
12:40Heat 4
13:35Heat 5
14:30Heat 6
15:30Final Quizzics
16:20Award Ceremoy


Lunch is not provided, but there are food outlets at the Irving K. Barber Learning Center next to Hennings, the Student Union Building (NEST) across the street from Hennings and Hebb, and a few blocks away at University Village.  The awards ceremony will be in Woodward IRC 2 after 4:00 PM.